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You’re worth it – just be

Mother Nature offers a taster of the wonderful feeling that permeates life and your days at our spa on the winding roads that lead there. Air, water, fire and earth are nature’s own elements and our philosophy is built on these beneficial sources of energy.

Here, you choose how you want to spend your days. Outdoors, refreshing sea breezes bring inspiration and joie de vivre, while wonderful walks around Bjäre bring light and energy.

Inside the hotel’s walls life is warm, cosy, and good, and you can take pleasure in our pleasant, personal spa with hot healing waters, wonderful steam saunas and Japanese outdoor pools.

After a great group training session or an hour in our gym, the incredible relaxation area awaits you, with panorama windows onto sky, sea and earth.


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Our guests say
“I was so pleased when everything just worked as planned, I could really enjoy the meeting.”