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Diamond Polish

Do you want healthier, smoother skin?

This is the latest generation of microdermabrasion, where the polishing is carried out by an instrument with a diamond coated tip. The diamond is moved over the skin using an even pressure, polishing the skin and encouraging blood circulation thanks to a gentle vacuum that sucks up dead skin cells and increases the production of collagen and elastin. The polishing stimulates cell renewal in the skin’s tissues. Old, dry skin is replaced by fresh new skin. After just one treatment the skin has a purer, healthier and younger appearance.

The treatment is a particulate-free method, completely natural and without the use of chemicals, which makes it suitable for people with soft sensitive skin or people with skin allergies. We normally recommend 6-8 treatments with a 2-3 week interval. This could mean a course of six treatments, booking them at two-week intervals. After finishing the course of treatments, we recommend maintaining the results with a diamond polish every other month to keep your skin fresh.

We do not recommend this treatment if you are pregnant.

25 min/ 50 min/ 80 min
595 sek/ 995 sek/ 1,295 sek


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25 min
495 sek
25 min.
sek 450
25 min.
sek 475

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