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Special Sport School

GPS mission
The team gets a map, compass and handheld GPS where the different positions are plotted on an electronic map. The teams must use their equipment to find various stations. There is a task to be solved at each station. The material to be used in the tasks is either on site or in the rucksacks they were given at the start. The tasks to be solved include culture, music, puzzles and construction tasks. We have also included local history. The activity takes about 2 hours and is organised around Torekov Hotell. Min 10 people.

Price: SEK 660 per person excl. VAT.

How should it sound?
A musical competition that gives the evening the perfect start. A team musical knowledge quiz, with no individual performances as the entire team must take part. Pictures, text and music are used. We can promise lots of laughter and a more or less deserving winner. NB! We use LIVE MUSICIANS. This activity takes around 1 hour and is suitable for groups of about 20-60 people.

Price: SEK 14,000-20,000 excl. VAT.

1. Poker with straws
2. Alcotest
3. Musical task with an Ipod
4. Photo task
5. Smell test.

This activity takes about 1½ hours. Min 10 people.

Price: SEK 450 per person excl. VAT.

Team & communication package
A package with different team and communication exercises. Serious tasks that can easily be linked to work and normal work tasks. The activity takes about 1½ hours and is organised around Torekov Hotell. Min 10 people.

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