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Activities that provide strength

Experiencing something new together tests boundaries and provides space for new thoughts, ideas and solutions. Torekov Hotell can design events and team building activities to suit your group.

The Bjäre peninsula offers both gentle and adrenaline-filled adventures. Select a combination of different types of activities to give your group a lasting impression. Try our own spa activities, boules, culinary tastings, or go on a thrilling adventure on sea and land with the Stora Blå activities company or Special Sport School. Nor should you miss Hovs Hallars’ unique cliff formations or a trip to the seal islands of Hallands Väderö.

Mindfulness, spa treatments or a great training session?
Bjäre has courses with varied characters and in unique surroundings.
Gather the group around the pans and enjoy food and wine afterwards.
Try a tasting for drinks, delicacies or why not chocolate?
Anna brings a whole new dimension to your conference programme.
Book a guided tour on Bjäre or Hallands Väderö, perhaps with an interesting theme.
Speed, adventure and excitement in partnership with Special Sport School.


Give the evening a musical theme, our DJ will look after the music.

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